Benefits for the Greenkeeper

For most people, it might sound like an easy task to plan the work to keep the golf course in perfect condition, but it’s actually quite complex. The Greenkeeper has a large number of recurring tasks that can be scheduled. But there are also lots of interruptions and small urgent tasks to be handled, and then the weather and the players’ actions on the track also comes in play. Ingenium Golf therefore offers tools to help the greenkeepers keep track of the course, machines and tasks. The tools are described in detail in the following paragraphs.

Map the course and all technical elements

The greenkeeper receives a special app, which is used to GPS measure all course elements – both elements for golfers (fairway, bunkers, greens, tees, etc.) but also technical aspects such as irrigation, drainage and wells.

When all elements are measured with GPS, the greenkeeper has a much better overview, and it saves a lot of time when, for example, you locate a connector box located in the high ruff when you have the GPS coordinates.

At the same time it will be possible to register information such as serial number, which makes it easier to maintain the machines, get spare parts etc.

Area calculations

When the entire course is GPS tracked, GLFR Business automatically calculates each area and the greenkeeper gets an overview of the area of each green, the total area of all greens, driving range, etc. – All important maintenance information and reporting , for example the environmental reporting.
Compared with other solutions, GLFR Business is completely unique, especially in connection with changes or adjustments of the course. Remodel a green, a bunker or fairway, it’s just to GPS measure the changes, and the areas are re-calculated automatically and correct area calculations are immediately ready for use.

Environmental report

GLFR Business provides the opportunity to register every time the greenkeeper uses fertilizers or pesticides.

It’s important for the club to keep complete control of the use and with GLFR Business it’s easy to register consumption, continuously monitor consumption, work in line with the regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency and to report to the authorities.