Customer cases

Bo Vaaben, Manager

Vejle Golf Club

“The course guide from Ingenium Golf gave us a significant quality improvement compared to our previous solution. Now we have difficulty with patience during the 2017 season, as the quality level is expected to be further enhanced with a brand new (3D visualization) graphics.”

Karsten Sørensen, Club Manager

Horsens Golfklub

“It’s valuable for us, and with that also for our customers, now we can easily create customized course guides – for example, add customer’s logos and pictures on a course guide for a corporate golf.”

Emil Nutzhorn, Sekretariatschef

Svendborg Golf Klub

“The construction and maintenance of the golf course extends over several years. Course Manager keeps track of everything and secures our course data centrally, so that we have no trouble continuing our history and development even when we change greenkeeper. The data base of the course’s technical elements gives the new team staff a great knowledge, already from the first day.”

Ingenium Golfs customers

We have currently customers in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain and Germany. On this page you can see which clubs there are using GLFR Business:


Værløse Golfklub
Club Logo - Vetlanda

Vetlanda Golfklubb


Vejle Golf Club

Vejen Golfklub
Club Logo - Veckefjärdens

Veckefjärdens Golf Club


Västerås Golfklubb


Varde Golfklub
Club Logo - Vadstena

Vadstena Golfklubb

Club Logo - Timrå

Timrå Golfklubb


Sønderborg Golfklub

Søllerød Golfklub

Svendborg Golf Klub
Club Logo - Strömstad

Strömstad Golfklubb

Club Logo - Stensballegaard Golf

Stensballegaard Golf
Club Logo - Sorknes

Sorknes Golfklubb

Club Logo - Smørum

Smørum Golfklub
Club Logo - Skærbæk Mølle

Skærbæk Mølle Golfklub

Skjoldenæsholm Golfcenter

Silkeborg Ry Golfklub
Club Logo - Sandefjord Golf

Sandefjord Golf

Club Logo - Rungsted Golfklub

Rungsted Golfklub

Royal Oak
Club Logo - Roskilde

Roskilde Golf Klub

Club Logo - Randers Golfklub

Randers Golf Klub
Club Logo - Oustøen

Oustøen Country Club

Club Logo - Öregrunds

Öregrunds Golfklubb

Club Logo - Örebro

Örebro City Golf & Country Club

Club Logo - Onsøy Golfklubb

Onsøy Golfklubb

Club Logo - Öjestrand

Öjestrand Golf Club

Club Logo - Odense Golfklub

Odense Golfklub

Odense Eventyr Golf
Club Logo - Nøtterøy

Nøtterøy Golfklubb

Club Logo - Norrköping Söderköping

Norrköping Söderköping Golfklubb

Club Logo - Nordvestjysk

Nordvestjysk Golfklub

Nordborg Golfklub
Club logo - Nicklastorp

Nicklastorp Golfklubb

Club Logo - Morsø

Morsø Golfklub

Mollerup Golf Club
Club Logo - Mjolkerods

Mjölkeröds Golfklubb


Midtsjællands Golfklub

Marielyst Golf Klub

Lübker Golf Resort
Club Logo - Larvik Golfklubb

Larvik Golfklubb

Club Logo - LannaLodge Golf Resort

LannaLodge Golf Resort

Club Logo - Kungsbacka

Kungsbacka Golfklubb

Club Logo - Kungl. Drottningholms GK

Kungl. Drottningholms Golfklubb

Club Logo - Korsør

Korsør Golfklub
Club Logo - Kolding Golf Club

Kolding Golf Club

Kokkedal Golfklub
Club Logo - Kjekstad

Kjekstad Golfklubb

Club Logo - Kils

Kils Golfklubb

Club Logo - Kiladalens

Kiladalens Golfklubb

Club Logo - Karlstad

Karlstad Golfklubb

Club Logo - Ikast Tullamore

Ikast Tullamore Golf Club
Club Logo - Huseby & Hankø

Huseby & Hankø Golfklubb


Horsens Golfklub
Club Logo - Hornbæk Golfklub

Hornbæk Golfklub
Club Logo - Holtsmark Golf

Holtsmark Golf

Club Logo - Holstebro

Holstebro Golfklub

Hjortespring Golfklub
Club Logo - Himmerland Golf & Spa Resort

Himmerland Golf & Spa Resort

Hillerød Golf Klub

Herning Golf Klub

Hedensted Golfklub
Club Logo - Hauger

Hauger Golfklubb


Haninge Golfklubb

Club Logo - Halmstad

Halmstad Golfklubb

Club Logo - Haga Golfklubb

Haga Golfklubb


Haderslev Golfklub
Club Logo - Grönhögen

Grönhögen Golf Links

Club Logo - Grenland

Grenland & Omegn Golfklubb

Club Logo - Lillebælt

Golfklubben Lillebælt
Club Logo - Hvide Klit

Golfklubben Hvide Klit
Club Logo - Altenhof

Golf Club Altenhof

Club Logo - Fredericia

Fredericia Golf Club
Club Logo - Fredenseborg

Fredensborg Golf Club
Club Logo - Falsterbo

Falsterbo Golfklubb

Club Logo - Eskilstuna

Eskilstuna Golfklubb

Club Logo - Esbjerg

Esbjerg Golfklub
Club Logo - Drøbak

Drøbak Golfklubb

Club Logo - Dejbjerg

Dejbjerg Golf Klub
Club Logo - Carlskrona

Carlskrona Golfklubb

Club Logo - Brøndby

Brøndby Golfklub
Club Logo - Breinholtgård

Breinholtgård Golf Klub
Club Logo - Bråvikens

Bråvikens Golfklubb

Club Logo - Borre Golfklubb

Borre Golf

Club Logo - Boa Olofström

Boa Golfklubb Olofström

Club Logo - Blåvandshuk Golfklub

Blaavandshuk Golf
Club Logo - Asker

Asker Golfklubb

Club Logo - Älvkarleby

Älvkarleby Golfklubb

Club Logo - Albatross

Albatross Golfklubb


Ågesta Golfklubb

Golf Club - Abbekås

Abbekås Golfklubb


Aarhus Golf Club

Aarhus Aadal Golf Club
Club Logo - A6

A6 Golfklubb