Benefits for the golf club

By making your course guide digital, you also make it easy to use for the players, who get a user-friendly app for free, while you set your price tag on your course guide.

You can also customize the course guide in an infinite number of versions, such as a tailor made directly to juniors from the front tee, professional players from the back tee or any tee for the accounting agency’s annual corporate golfing event for their selected customers.

With GLFR Business, it is not only your members and greenfee guests that you can offer better service, but also anyone who arranges a tournament or corporate golf at your club. That’s great service!

Better service creates growth

GLFR Business is a digital tool that is user-friendly, making it easier for you and your colleagues to present your golf course in the most advantageous way. That takes you closer to your members, greenfee guests and sponsors – your customers.

The service level at your club greatly increases when you can offer customized course guides with fully updated information directly to the players’ smartphones. In the digital course guide, sponsor logotype and message can be inserted into the course guide with a few clicks – for example, on a corporate golfing event. It markets your sponsor with instant precision. Your customer will love it because it increases their exposure.

The club gets a much better overview of the facility, technical installations and all elements on the course, and the greenkeeper gets tools to manage its environmental report.

Overall, Ingenium Golf contributes to growth in the club.

Exposure of sponsors – on smartphone and print

It will now be much easier to market your sponsors in your course guide, both in print and on smartphone. The club can traditionally present current hole sponsors and full-page advertisers, but in the digital course guide the options increases. For example, it could be to make a specific course guide to the pay-and-play course with its sponsors, a specific course guide to a tournament with its sponsors, and of course, to a corporate golf.

Last but not least, the exposure of the individual sponsor may be changed during the season – the new image or new text is easily updated in the sponsor module and then the updated digital course guide can be published with a single click. This will require a little extra effort by the golf club, but it will also create much greater value for the sponsor.

Corporate golf

With GLFR Business you can create a unique experience for the companies where you organize corporate golf. The club can easily create a customized course guide for each individual event with lots of advertising for the company.

It’s easy to make a digital course guide for a corporate golf – just enter the unique ad pages, then choose to publish the custom course guide for the corporate golf.

It is also easy to generate the corresponding PDF file, which is used for the printed course guide. And we have examples of clubs that have made the organization around the corporate golf overwhelmed by a printed course guide, with tasteful advertising by the company throughout the course guide.

A better experience for the golfer

With GLFR, every player gets exactly the information they need, no more and no less.

Exact distances, landing zones, obstacles, and pin positions are presented in a new and live format, so users will want to come back. The course guide may also contain service information about opening hours and offers that players can benefit from.

That’s great service!

Communication platform

The club has the possibility to send small, important messages to players who have installed the digital course guide on their smartphone – it can be small messages from the club manager, office, greenkeeper, restaurant, Pro or shop. Messages can be sent to anyone who has signed up for the service. The players should of course not be spammed with a lot of messages, but a few important messages can create great value for both the player and the club – some examples:

  • There are open start times Thursday morning.
  • Course info: All greens are now vertically cut and cut – enjoy the game.
  • Greenfly offer in the week of May 15: $30 per player, four players for $90.

Market the restaurant

In the course guide you can of course market the club’s restaurant, and with the digital course guide, menus and prices can be easily updated regularly – all updates are automatically sent to the player’s app, so you can advertise the month’s menu or week’s special offers.

You can also add a link to the restaurant’s website, so players with a single click in the app link to the restaurant and to order a burger for the 19th hole when they finish on the 16th. Your customers will be satisfied, experience shorter waiting times and a much better service.

Product - Example - Sponsor

Market the Pro

With GLFR, The Pro has the opportunity to contact their customers quickly and easy. The Pro can have its own page in the course guide or send short messages about specific events or offers.