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A flexible and dynamic service that ensures that you can customize your course guides as you like – whether it’s in print, web or smartphone.

GLFR – A unique Golf App

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The app holds all Danish courses, many Swedish and Norwegian golf courses, and some German courses, all of the highest quality right on your smartphone. Download GLFR for free today and get easy access to course guides, scorecard and distance measurement on your smartphone.

Ingenium Golf – Your digital golf service

Ingenium Golf develops digital services for golf clubs and golfers.


  • GLFR Business – A web platform that makes it easy for the club to work with course data.
  • GLFR – A unique course guide app that gives access to course guides from all our partner clubs.


GLFR Business is an intelligent and user-friendly tool that makes the golf round a greater experience for the player. The tool makes the golf club’s daily work easier and the course is presented in a new, attractive and interactive way. It gives sponsors and golfers tailor-made service solutions. This helps to significantly increase the profile of the club. Read more about GLFR Business here.


GLFR is an app for golfers, and present you an overview of lots of golf courses and the course guides that are offered to you by them. With a digital course guide through the GLFR app, you will not only get an overview of the area, but also the distances to all the elements on the course via GPS and a digital scorecard. The club also has a tool to always keep the information about the course updated, so that you always have the most relevant information at hand. Read more about GLFR here.

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GLFR Business

With GLFR Business you will finally get full control over your course guides, both in print and digitally. But GLFR Business is more than just a course guide – it’s a platform that allows you to constantly keep your customers updated on what’s happening on the course, while you are using our course data in the daily work at the club.

GLFR Business gives you among others:

  • Administration of club- and course info
  • Flexible sponsor tool
  • Easy to update printed course guide
  • Always updated digital course guide
  • Customized course guides for events
  • Dynamic presentation of all areas
  • Register of pesticide use

GLFR Business Managed

GLFR Business is available in two different solutions.

The GLFR Business solution gives you access to all our features, and complete control of the promotion of your course through the GLFR platforms.

The GLFR Business Managed solution, is a simpler solution, where you get less features and control but the same high quality of the course guide.

GLFR Business

  • Full access to the GLFR Business platform
  • Course guides on print and in GLFR
  • Tee signs, overviews and more
  • Sponsormanagement
  • Extra revenue from company days

GLFR Business Managed

  • High quality course mapping
  • Print guide ready for print
  • Your sponsors on print and in GLFR
  • Tee signs and overview as an add-on

Course guides – Print and Digital

Product - Printed Course Guides Stack

With course guides from Ingenium Golf you not only get a printed course guide, which is complete and ready for production. You also get:

  • An unlimited number of different versions
  • Your unique texts, photos and sponsors
  • An interactive version for smartphones

With the digital course guide – GLFR – players get, in addition to an updated overview of the holes, players can also see distances to all the elements on the course and keep track of their score during the round.

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